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Levi's Jeans: Shop Women's Levi's Jeans online. From Skinny Jeans to Bootcut, Levi's has the fit for all women

Levi's® skinny jeans offer a closely tailored fit to accentuate your shape from hip to thigh. A staple for any women's wardrobe, Levi's® skinny jeans can be worn with boots or flats. For women that want a slim look, Levi's® skinny jeans have something for you. Skinny jeans are an excellent alternative to leggings and can be an excellent foundation for a variety of outfits. If you'd like to add some diversity to your wardrobe, Levi's® skinny jeans are a great choice.
Finding a pair of Levi's® skinny jeans that will fit you just right is easy. Available in a variety of rises from high-rise, to mid-rise, to low-rise, Levi's® skinny jeans offer a polished looked that hugs your shape in all the right places.
71 Items

  1. Demi Curve Skinny Rollup Jeans

    Icy Ice $78.00
  2. 512™ Perfectly Slimming Crop Jeans

    Soulful Dark $54.00
  3. 512™ Perfectly Slimming Crop Jeans

    White Highlighter $54.00
  4. 524™ Skinny Jeans

    Powder Blue $46.00
  5. 524™ Skinny Jeans

    Blue Mine $46.00
  6. 524™ Skinny Jeans

    Indigo Desert $46.00
  7. 524™ Skinny Jeans

    Fade Into Blue $46.00
  8. 524™ Skinny Jeans

    Black Pressed $46.00
  9. Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

    Black Sateen $54.00
  10. Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

    Haiku $54.00
  11. Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

    Ace Rinse $54.00
  12. Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

    White $54.00
  13. Mid Rise Skinny Jeans (Petite)

    Blue Dream Was $54.00     Now $40.00
  14. Mid Rise Skinny Jeans (Petite)

    Soulful Dark Was $54.00     Now $40.00
  15. Bold Curve Skinny Jeans

    Ultra Black Was $78.00     Now $55.00
  16. Bold Curve Skinny Jeans

    Sandwashed Shell Was $88.00     Now $62.00
  17. Demi Curve Skinny Jeans

    Distant Waters Was $78.00     Now $55.00
  18. Demi Curve Skinny Jeans

    Sandwashed Shell Was $78.00     Now $55.00
  19. Demi Curve Skinny Jeans

    Lone Star Was $88.00     Now $55.00
  20. Demi Curve Skinny Jeans

    Ultra Black Was $78.00     Now $55.00
  21. Demi Curve Skinny Jeans

    Extra Shade Was $78.00     Now $55.00
  22. Demi Curve Skinny Jeans

    3am Fog Was $88.00     Now $53.00
  23. Demi Curve Skinny Jeans

    Midnight Reflections Was $88.00     Now $62.00
  24. Demi Curve Skinny Jeans

    Timeless Indigo Was $88.00     Now $62.00